0.05 Deluxe Lashes - Single Length Trays

Deluxe Volume Lashes - Single Length Trays 16 strips per tray


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Our Deluxe volume lashes are a dream to fan, easy to wrap around the natural lash and keep their curl beautifully. I started using these lashes personally a few years ago after searching for the perfect lash extension, now I have found it, I bring it to you.

What you get with our Deluxe volume lashes

  • Made using the finest quality PBT
  • Long lasting curl which are consistent across our range
  • Satin effect finish not too glossy or matt
  • Easy to fan, the perfect tape to make fanning and picking up easy
  • Quality controlled to make sure what you order is what you receive
  • Sample size trays available to order 
  • 16 strips per tray
  • Available in C, CC or D Curl

Our Single lash trays come in sizes 5mm up to 15mm - we have mixed small size lashes in a sample tray in our online store.