Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume  Lash Extensions

With Russian Volume (3D) lash extensions between 2 and 6 ultra light lash extensions are placed on an individual eyelash, giving the wearer a more fuller fluttery look without causing any damage to the natural lash. The lash extensions will last the entire life of the natural lash it is attached to and will just fall away with the natural lash at the end of its growth cycle. As younger lashes then grow through during this time these new lashes can then extended at your infill appointment.

The effect of your lash extensions does depend on your own natural lashes, as using extensions that are too heavy or long can affect the longevity of your lash extensions. I will also ensure the integrity of your natural lashes meaning you can wear my eyelash extensions for as long as you wish without worry of any damage to your natural lashes. A consultation is always carried out before your extensions are applied and I will always advise of the looks that can be achieved. I want all my clients to be satisfied so will never give any false promises.

I spend many hours training, perfecting my techniques and sourcing the best lash extension products, to ensure each client gets the perfect set of lash extensions that last the longest possible time. I have many types of lash extensions varying in length, thickness and type of curl so I can create a set of lashes perfect for you. You will be given full aftercare advice to follow once your lashes are applied and I stocks lash extension aftercare products which can be purchased at any time.

Russian Volume Semi Permanent eyelash extensions offer the wearer:

  • Thicker/Fuller Eyelashes
  • Longer Eyelashes
  • Bigger more youthful looking eyes
  • There is no need to wear mascara  

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