Miraculous 1-2 second glue (Clear) Sensitive 5g

Clear Hybrid Glue 1-2 Second Glue perfect for volume lashing and for those with sensitivities.


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Our new and exclusive sensitive glue is the newest innovation on the market. With a fast setting time and hardly any odour this glue is a dream to work with and give amazing results. Manufactured in the UK and conforming to all EU laws and regulations, you can be sure of great quality product for you and your clients which hasn't been tested on animals.

  • Sensitive formula
  • Oil resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Fast setting
  • Low Odour
  • Strong flexible bond
  • 20c-24c
  • 40% to 70% humidity
  • Thin Viscosity
  • Patch test should be performed 48 hours before treatment

The 1-2 second dry time of this glue is perfect for any level of experience technician and is suitable for both classic and volume lashes.

Should only be used by qualified lash technicians, contains Cyanoacrylate. Glue should be throughly shaken before each use, and stored in an airtight container with the lid firmly on. Each glue has a shelf life of 9 months from date of manufacture and we recommend your glue bottle is replaced once opened after 6 weeks.

Our glues have all been designed to work in conjunction with our specialist primer and after bond. 

Assist artificial lash primer is applied to the artificial lash extension prior application to accelerate the drying time of the glue and to aid the cure of the bond from within. Ideal to use in the winter months when humidity is low to speed application.

Endure bonder is applied to the lash extensions after application to accelerate the cure of the bond, give greater flexibility and remove residue and fumes after application. Perfect for the more sensitive clients as it reduces sensitisation. Can also be used as primer to aiid retention and speed up application