Mentoring 1 to 1

Need a helping hand with your lash business, let me help you with over 10 years in the industry I have all the knowledge and experience to help you get your business growing. Mentoring is available for classic, volume lashing and also building your lash business. Each mentoring session is completely tailored to each student Mentoring is £50 per hour bookable in a minimum of 2 hour slots Please contact me to check availability and to book your session


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1-1 Mentoring, totally tailored to you. I will send you a pre-session form to gather from you want you want to work on and what knowledge you already have.

Your mentoring session will then be devised just for you. I will also prepare you an information sheet on your session to send you afterwards for you reference.

Mentoring can cover

Isolation and placement


Styling and mapping

Eyepad placement

Taping Techniques 

Business and Social Media

Keeping and retaining clients

Get in touch to arrange a convient time and to discuss what you would like my help with 

With over 10 years of experience I have completed numerous additional training such as advanced eye styling, mega volume, perfect fanning techniques, getting excellent retention, as well as many marketing and social media courses.

I have ran a very successful business for a number of years and have made all the mistakes and found all the pit falls. Let me help you not to make them.

Each mentoring session is 4 hours but can be adjusted to suit the student 

Refreshments will be provided on the day as well as all required PPE.