For the first 24 hours:
Avoid steam and hot tempertures ie hot baths and showers, saunas, swimming pools etc. Extreme moisture and humidity within this time will affect how your eyelash extensions last as it will affect the curing of the bond of newly attacthed extensions.

  • Do not use an oily products or oil based products on your lash extensions, be careful when applying moisturisers and sun cream around the eyes.
  • Always wash your lashes with a lash cleanser to remove any make up and natural oil debris from your lashes this willhelp your lashes to last longer between infill
  • Do not get your lashes permed while you have eyelash extensions, we also advise not having lash extensions applied for 8 -10 weeks after a lash perm or lash lift treatment to allow a complete lash cycle to have taken place and for all the lifted lashes to be outgrown.
  • Do not apply mascara on adhesive area as mascara will weaken the bonds on your lash extensions due to the oil with in the product it is effectively a remover for lash extensions.
  • Use only oil free eye make up remover.
  • Use in a downward motion, do not rub side to side as this can loosen the bonds.
  • Most of all, do not rub the eyes.

To keep up your lash extensions, you should attend regular maintenance sessions on a 2-3 week basis to keep the lashes looking full. At your infill/maintenance appointment any lash extensions that have naturally shed during your lash cycle will be replace with new extensions and outgrown extensions removed and new ones applied.

Aftercare and maintenance of eyelash extensions is so important for long lasting beautiful lashes. Many clients come in and tell me "I have been so good I havent even touched them", and although it's important not to play with your lashes you need to touch them to keep them and your lash line clean, let me explain.

While this is true that we need to keep the lashes dry for the first 12 hours after that regular cleaning as part of your daily skin care routine will ensure a long lasting bond. Natural skin oils will weaken and break down a bond just as much as an oil based mascara or oil bases face/creams.

I cleaned my lashes daily with lash shampoo. I wash my hands with lash shampoo, then with the foam I gently, with index finger and thumb stroke the foam down the lash and along my lash line rinsing careful with clean luke warm water. I pat my face dry but not my lashes. Again with index finger and thumb I squeegee the excess water from the lashes then comb through with a clean mascara brush this will have been given to you at your lash appointment (it is important to wash your brush regularly with lash shampoo too). I also take it to the next level that I dry them with the cold setting of my hair dryer and comb through again. My retention is so much better when I lash my lashes on a regualr basis

On the subject of steam once the first 48 hours after your lash application or infill you can visit steam rooms saunas etc etc it is really important that a lash cleanse take place immediately after a session though. I have a few clients who do use saunas regularly and there lashes are also prefect if the lashes are cleaned after this is because as we sweat the oils from our face with run down into the lashes so it's not the steam at this point that with weaken a lash bond but the oils that haven't been washed off afterwards.

Mascara - it is impreivate that only oil free (water based) mascara is used on your lash extensions. Ideally none at all. The oils from any normal water proof, volumising, lengthening mascara will simply eat through the bond causing it dissolve. Lash extension remover is oil based so if oil is used to remove them it's so important to avoid it for long lasting lashes.

I am always more than happy to answer any aftercare questions so please don't be afraid to ask me I would rather answer a call to you at home then you do something that would affect your beautiful lashes.

Lash Shampoo

Use a foaming pump bottle (we can supply these to you in salon please ask your technician)

1 Sachet of Lash Cleanser

3/4 Water (I always boil the water first and leave to cool)

Mix in the bottle and use the foam to cleanse the lashes I re do my lash shampoo at lease one a month but to be honest if your cleaning lashes every day your probably use the bottle in a month anyway.

Lash Aftercare products available in the salon please ask your technician.

  • Lash Cleanser Sachet £1.50
  • Foam pump bottle £2 for a 30ml 
  • Muslin Cloth 50p
  • Eyelash cleansing brush £2
  • Moulded sleep masks £2
  • Lash spoolie with cover £1.50