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So this is my Blog "Confessions of a lash geek", as the owner of Essential Beauty a self confessed lash geek. I hope to impart my knowledge and expertise to help you get the best from your lash extensions or gain knowledge as a lash tech.

I started my lash journey at the beginning of 2010 when lash extensions were still relatively new to the beauty world. I continue to take courses and mentoring sessions to ensure I am upto date with lastest within our industry.

A little bit about me if you dont know me already, I Deb I live in Washington with my partner Andy (the one who brings the coffee), my daughter and my 2step children. We also have 3 dogs Bruce, Hamish and Millie. So life is as hectic outside the salon as it is inside. I'm really lucky my family are supportive as I spend alot of time either lashing, talking about lashes, watching videos of lashes, reading about lashes you get the idea lol.


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  1. Why I decided to start a lash Mentoring group during lockdown 2.0

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    When Boris announced lockdown 2.0 on 31st October,  my first thought was I can not feel like I did in the last lockdown. The anxiety the worry of when I would be reopen again or if I ever would be again.

    Knowing I had to take control of this situation for me, I thought right how can I use this time to the best of my ability. As I have been moving into doing more training but only having delivered my training face to face and one to one, I decided to get our of comfort zone and set up a group. This meant for me I had to work on my training material, take pictures and videos of what I am trying to get across. Loads of people that had took online courses throughout lockdown I thought maybe a few of those might be interested in me practising my teaching skills on them. Well low and behold the response has been amazing and nearly 300 lash tech have joined. Most even understand me regardless of the accent ha ha!!

    The group has been a wonderfully postitive place where questions can be asked without fear. One to one mentoring over zoom has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, getting to grips with new technology and how it works and delivering training in a completely new way. And the feedback has been unbelieveable.

    As my training studio is pretty much now complete it means I have a fab space to set up for videos and then when Boris lets us out again be able to deliver courses face to face again. The skills I am accquiring during lockdown will only serve me better in being the best trainer I can be.

    For anyone interested in my lash mentoring group here is the link

    Thanks for reading

    We've got this

    Deb xx

  2. We have been working on something big!!!

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    So I have a confession to make behind the scenes we have been working on something big!! Lots of blood sweat and tears have been shed but we are finally in the last stages

    You may know that we have been slowly bringing out our own eyelash extension range, well the jewel in the crown is about to be realised. We have been testing new glues that are exclusive to Essential Beauty for many months and we are finally happy with our formula, not only does it have amazing retention, its beautiful to work with.

    Available in 0.5 sec 1-2 sec and a sensitive formulation we have a glue to perfectly suit you. All our glues are clear meaning they are as pure as we can get them, as no additional ingredients are added to give the glues colour.

    Why did we decide to only have clear glues, well its been purely down to testing we simply found them the best to work with and gave the best results.

    Our website will be updated over the next few weeks to include our new products and they will be added to our current range of lashes, and other supplies.


    We will also be stocking two products to make lashing even easier and retention even better.

    For those of you that are conscience of our regulations here in the UK, All our products are fully compliant with Reach and have been tested to the highest standards. MSDS sheets will be available on request.

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